Should I Add Water to Dry Dog Food? (2024)

Last updated on January 26th, 2024 at 05:52 am

Adding water to your dog’s dry food is a selection many owners take. A few do that without consulting their vet, whereas some vets advocate it. Seeing that there may be no generic answer to whether or not including water could be proper for a dog, proprietors must find out about the pros and cons of adding water to dry dog food.

In this article, you will learn all that you really want to realize about adding water to dry dog food, including when you ought to add it, when you should hold it off, and how to add it. You will likewise get familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of soaking dry dog food. Let’s get started.

What Is The Reason For Adding Water To Dry Dog Food ?

Assuming the smash of dry dog kibble causes you to flinch and you maintain that your dog should hydrate while he eats down his food, your heart’s perfectly located. But earlier than you add water to dry dog meals, you need to be sure that doing so is safe and beneficial.

Including water to dry dog meals makes them easier to digest and more appetizing when you have a fussy eater or a canine with a well-known urge for food loss because of infection or restoration. It additionally allows puppies with terrible dental health, is wonderful for hydration, slows down a fast eater, and facilitates a hungry dog to feel fuller.

How Much Water Should I Add To Dry Dog Food ?

You ought to add water to kibble if your dog finds it extremely difficult to bite. It is also a terrific idea to moisten kibble with no aroma. But take into account that dogs’ sense of scent is tons stronger than that of people. Even while some kibble may not seem to have a strong aroma, dogs may find it to be quite appetizing.

Plenty of pups love their food dry, however, if they’ve started displaying much less interest in it, it may be time to add a touch of “gravy.” including water to dry canine meals can make it simpler for your dog to chew and digest, and also can assist save you dehydration. keep in mind adding an excessive amount of water to dry dog meals can result in spoilage, so it’s miles essential handiest to feature sufficient water to moisten the food and no longer make it too soupy.

What Will Be The Benefit of Adding Water to Dry Food?

dry dog food

The benefit of adding a half cup or cup of water to a dog’s dry food is that it assists with keeping them hydrated most particularly in dry blistering environments. It is designated “Floating their meals.” You shouldn’t blend it. A canine ought to drink its body weight in ounces of water day to day. A 40 lb. canine ought to approach and hydrate every day.

Moist food has a water content, dry kibble doesn’t. So if you positioned a cup of water inside the food bowl, degree the dry meals, and placed it on top of the water, the dog receives greater water for the day as he’s consuming.

Pros of Adding Water to Dry Dog food :-


The dampness upgrades the flavor and surface of the canine food, making it more agreeable, however not for a really long time. Contemplate breakfast cereal and milk. The guideline of the ‘present moment’ upgrade of flavor and smell applies regardless.

Help in Digestion

Help in digestion stays the primary advantage of adding water to kibble. Aged and younger dogs would possibly need moistened kibble (particularly weaning puppies), at the same time as teens can without problems digest dry dog food without problems.

Keep them Hydrated

Including water to a dog’s strong food regimen can stay relevant at every degree of its life because it is able to be a bug for hydrating. Dogs that don’t consciously intake the amount of water they want can grow to be lethargic. Kibble can help animals stay hydrated by being soaked before feeding, especially in hotter regions.

Prevent Dental Health Problems

It may be difficult for puppies with dental health problems to break down dry food, so adding water makes it easier and much less uncomfortable for them to eat. Enamel and gum situations such as infected gums or free teeth may be quite commonplace, especially in small breeds and senior dogs.

Prevent Gulping

Many puppies will gobble kibble so rapidly that every now and then unchewed pieces grow to be inside the belly. Due to the fact kibble doesn’t destroy down efficaciously, it requires extra moisture, which your dog’s body generally affords by means of drawing from the encompassing tissues and blood deliver. Including water to dry dog food will fairly gradually your canine’s eating speed and save you from gulping.

Helps in Weight Loss

Add water to the kibble to increase the volume of the food, which will help your dog feel fuller without adding extra calories if he needs to lose a few pounds because of his weight.

As kibble is extremely supplement thick, how much food is given by the canine’s weight probably won’t top them off. Adding water grows the food in the bowl and unquestionably increments satiety, forestalling your doggo from hunting around the kitchen for more food after dinner.

Cons of Adding Water to Dry Dog food :-

Everybody who has a dog knows that things are a long way from easy. On every occasion a step with-support hack has a bonus, it additionally has more than one drawback. The underneath risks would possibly make you skeptical of including water to dry canine food.

Your Dog Would Possibly Reject It

Puppies may be choosy eaters. And that doesn’t imply they consume something they could select! if your canine dislikes moist kibble, you could try reducing the water ratio and serving it quicker. Kibble becomes sloppier the longer it’s in the water.

Puppy meals must also be consumed completely at once since, if left unattended for too long, moistening the food makes a great breeding habitat for microbes.

It’s Miles Tough To Get the Proportions Right

As noted in advance, puppies can reject moist kibble. But frequently, puppies reject kibble because of how moist it’s far. if you start by way of including much less water and serving the kibble faster, your dog is more likely to simply accept it. You may slowly amp up the amount of water inside the bowl if you want.

It’s Miles Barely Inconvenient

Most canine proprietors recognize that what’s suitable for the owner is higher for the canine. Your dog is a lifelong friend, so you might not do it frequently enough to enjoy any benefits if you find adding water to kibble too bothersome.

From my perspective, the inconvenience is nominal, but I’d as a substitute no longer impose that view on anybody. You could determine for yourself how realistic moistening kibble is.


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